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Non Linear Video Editing

2d Animations

Showboat entertainment ahs also branched out an gained expertise in the field of Non liner a video editing also called (NLE) Non Linear Editing. Showboat’s nonlinear editing services provide high-quality post-production editing on a desktop computer. Our technical team makes sure that none there’s no lack in detailing and conversion while during the process. We have strict quality control standards which are adhered to by each one pf our technical staff. We lay great emphasis on all our non linear editing tasks. Showboat’s Non linear editing brings out various advantages for our customers and clients. Showboat ensures that all your videos are compatible to Electronic Publishing, when your video is used for electronic publishing on CDs, DVDs or the Web, after editing, the digital output is converted to any of several digital video formats.
Nonlinear editing ensures Faster Movie Editing, for all your videos which are movies shot in film (analog), it is converted to digital to save time and money. The digital movie is edited, and when completed, the output is turned into an edit decision list (EDL). The EDL contains analog frame sources and time codes so that the original analog film can be quickly cut and spliced in the editing room, which costs several hundred dollars per hour. This is how we aim at assisting you in your endeavors. Converting films From Analog to Digital to Analog In order to produce today's graphics-intensive movies, the original analog film may be scanned at high resolution and converted to digital.  The enhancements and animations are added to the original scenes in the computer, and the final output is converted back into analog film. This "digital intermediate" method allows a myriad of special effects to be added that would be extremely time consuming, if not impossible, in the analog domain.
Showboat aims at serving all your non linear editing needs without any glitches, we ensure supreme editing experience like never before, do consult us for more details on the same. We would be happy to help you in creating a better tomorrow for the entertainment industry!

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