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Show Boat Entertainment provides every service included in creating a film. From pre-production to post production, it is all covered. Our work is innovating and unique and we make each film stand out in its own way.

We value our client's opinion and wishes and our main goal is to satisfy him and making sure the film is represented perfectly. While making films we strive for perfection and we take on any challenge.

We are experienced in a wide range of genres and subjects and anything is possible thanks to the professionalism and creativity of our film makers.

Sahara Care House

Sahara Care HouseThe video is an advertisement of sahara care house, a venture of Sahara India in which they have a collaboration with more than 1000 hospitals in 60 cities of India. It provides various features like hospital services to senior ctizens, emergency services, pension plans etc. With its motto being Sharing Your Responsibilities , this venture shares the responsibilities of people living abroad by taking care of their parents in India.

Bollywood Dreams

Bollywood DreamsThe film is a humorous but true portrayal of what exactly Bollywood Dreams are made of, it captures the true intensity, colors and depth of Bollywood. Its larger than life stories, musicals, Hollywood-plagiarized plots, all are showcased in this short film.The dreams of every ordinary person to reach the bollywood dreams are beautifully captured by thecamera with the inclusion of people from all walks of life. And the peppy bollywood music as the background score gives it a full Bollywood-masala identity.


HondaThe video is a detailed showcase of the world-famous brand Honda. It delineates each and every aspect of honda technologies and automobiles. The new-age technology used by it keeping into consideration environment and people, it has managed to gain consumers world-wide. Its Ceo ’s message and the company’s core motto is also entailed with the video.And in the conclusion the video shows how Honda has also become a important brand in the daily Indian life.


KoutonsThe video is a documentary about the famous clothing chain Koutons. It has a detailed account of all its stores in India with the name of the place and their detail addresses. Also it showcases its whole range and various offers available on the its clothing range. It is an award winning range with consumers all over India.

Ladhakh Berry

Ladhakh BerryThe video is an advertisement of the product Funfil’s Ladakhberry- A Seabuckthorn Beverage with its specialties like its nutrient value, vitamins, amino-acids and the mythical stories attached to its nutrient values.

Happy go Lucky

Happy go LuckyThe video is a compilation of snapshots from the tele-serial Happy-go-Lucky which is about two teenage boys and their friendship.Their various antics and adventures they experience in their friendship and youth are the main theme of the serial.


RyanThis video is a detailed outline about the famous Ryan International School including the various alma maters, principals, student life, extra-curricular activities, its principal motto etc. The video gives a full view or idea to a parent of how beautifully the child will progress and develop in every aspect of life by studying in Ryan International School.

Air Sahara

Air SaharaThe video is an advertisement of the Sahara Air group with its various super-class features and special features. Its a part of the billionaire Sahara group and has achieved great heights in the Indian aviation industry.


ArkA beautiful and shooting advertisement completed with the use of realistic graphics very aptly expressing the designer genius of these water taps. Lovely music and soothing lighting add to the effect. This advertisement was shot within a time span of days and was loved by our clients.

Tuk 3

Tuk 3The health and tasty fruit drink loved by one and all. This advertisement is beautifully completed in with the use of chroma resulting is completing satisfaction of our client. The advertisement is well shot and has quite successfully captured the children’s fun and frolic. The use of brilliant child actors has resulted it to be immensely popular.

Know India

Know India Know India a campaign to spread awareness about rich and culturally diverse country India is, a campaign to highlight the forgotten rich culturally diverse spots of India like the tomb of Nizzamuddin in Delhi. The short ad-film is very artistically shot and beautifully conceptualized with a heady mix of a passionate Sufi background score. It very emphatically arises the feeling of belonging for our motherland and its architectural glory.


EscotelThis Viral video for Escotel was a result of deep research and dialogue. Very artistically designed, this video opens with the depiction of excerpts and lines from the Bhagvat Gita in a very rustic and definite manner. The progression of the video brings out a conglomeration of black and white images depicting the growth and success of the client company. The art direction of this video is surely well thought of and serves its ultimate purpose.


BaksonThis viral advertisement is set up on a concept slightly uncommon in nature. It promotes a leading hair oil and hair care range called SUNNY HAIR CARE. The layout of the video with its ‘recipe book’ border and the funny depiction of the pains people take for maintaining good hair is a pleasant sight to see. It reflects good use of computer graphic work and nicely suting background music.


ArkA beautiful and shooting advertisement completed with the use of realistic graphics very aptly expressing the designer genius of these water taps. Lovely music and soothing lighting add to the effect. This advertisement was shot within a time span of days and was loved by our clients.

Tuk 3

Tuk 3The new healthy and tasty drink thats the favourite amongst all young kids-Tuk3 which is health cum taste is the content of the video.The tappy music on which the kids dance is gives the feel of the refreshing drink-Tuk3