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Like print or interactive marketing, mobile is simply another tactic that marketers can use to reach their target audience. Mobile marketing is commonly used in order to increase brand awareness, generate customer opt-in databases, or drive attendance to specific events and locations.
By 2010, an estimated 2.3 trillion text messages will be sent and delivered globally. Those sure are some busy thumbs.

  • Cell phones are used by over 3.1 billion people globally
  • India is now the 2nd Largest Mobile Market in the World after China which has over 700 million subscribers, with India having above 500 million mobile subscribers.
    • 75% Of the subscribers read every SMS they receive
    • 40 % read all ads & 30 % of them have taken action on the ads that they have seen.
  • The global mobile advertising market will be valued at over $16 billion by 2011
  • Mobile Marketing has the highest Viral potential (Word of Mouth)

Mobile marketing can play a role in your marketing strategy, no matter how large or small the budget.
Mobile marketing doesn't have to cost a fortune.
We recognize that making the jump to mobile may seem intimidating, but it shouldn't be. As a full-service mobile marketing firm, mobile4play will work with your brand to develop a mobile marketing strategy customized to your needs, and then fully execute it. We have all of the resources needed to create a wide array of engaging mobile content. Mobile marketing increases your marketing reach by allowing your brand to be viewed on thousands of mobile phones—anywhere and at any time of the day.
Some facts about Mobile marketing spends across the Globe.

  • South Africa – more than 50% of the marketing budget is spent on Mobile.
  • USA – 1.75% of the total marketing budget is spent on Mobile.
  • Asia – around 2.5% of the marketing budget is spent on Mobile.
  • India – currently with over 500 million mobile subscribers is the most potential market in the universe after China.