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Caricatures are a form of art. They express a person's character, a specific skill or object in a comic way, pointing out their prominent characteristics. Our caricature artists deliver high quality and professional caricatures, perfectly matched to our clients wishes and there are many options to create the perfect caricature.

Our portfolios listed below show the excellent work we have delivered and the wide range of variety and creativity our caricature artists offers. Caricatures may seem simple but require remarkable skills of Caricaturists.

Our Caricaturists's work is unique and stands out in a personal way, guaranteeing quality and professionalism of every caricature we create.

Digital caricatures

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla IceThe image is the caricature of the famous rapper-Vanilla Ice who reached to fame by his song �Ice Ice Baby�. The caricature artists have created this image on his one of very famous photographs. The man himself has had a roller-coaster ride and this expression has been accurately captured by our Caricaturists.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Well, this man needs no introduction. He is the Top-gun in Hollywood and giving him this caricature was the Mission Impossible for our Caricaturists. Tom Cruise is the actor, artist,stylist ,all mixed together. The caricature gives the expression of a big-smile which Tom cruise has been carrying around since his marriage to much younger Katie Homes.

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell The caricature of Simon Powell has been created by Caricaturists with a very sweet-smiling face which is complete contrast to his on-screen controversial and often crude criticisms. The look given by our caricature artists is a humourous adaptation to his often sarcastic look and language. The famous teleserials like American Idol , X-factor and Simon�s acidic language on them can be juxtaposed with look given to him by our caricature artist.

Car caricatures

Blue Lagoon

Blue LagoonThe shapes and proportions in this car caricature have been amazingly captured and the car will be immediately recognised by anyone who knows a bit about cars. Our professional caricature artists have been able to capture the personality of this car and they have thought of every little detail.Our Caricaturists gives a unique way to memorise your car.

Infiniti Car

Infiniti CarThis amazing red car has been perfectly illustrated in this car caricature by our Caricaturists. While ensuring every detail and feature is covered, it is a unique and creative way to portray a car. Our professional caricature artists only deliver high quality work and we make sure we meet our client's wishes to make the car look as beautifull as it is.

Olden Beauty

Olden Beauty This car caricature shows how our professional caricature artists can display a car perfectly in a cartoon like way. Each detail has been thought of and amazingly illustrated. Our Caricaturists ensure our clients get high quality and unique portraits by showing the car's personality while making sure it keeps it's dignity.

Wedding caricatures

Wedding Dress

Wedding DressThe bride must shine and as shown here, our caricature artists will make sure of that, even in our wedding caricatures. Her personality has been captured amazingly by our Caricaturists. The excellent detail of the dress and the bride herself make this illustration a wonderfull and unique work of art that will be special to the happy couple.

Wedding Proposal

Wedding ProposalThis unique wedding caricature shows how our professional caricaturists are able to display the happy couple in a unique way. Both bride and groom are perfectly represented as individuals while shining as a newly wed couple. The amazing details make this illustration of high quality and the bride and groom can look back proud.

Happiest Day

Happiest Day Even an intimite setting like this can be excellently illustrated by our caricature artists. The happy couple has been wonderfully captured and the details are amazing. Both bride and groom shine, thanks to our Caricaturists. This wedding caricature is a unique and creative way to memorise the happiest day of your life forever.

Caricature from photo

Brad Pitt

Brad PittAs seen on this caricature from a photo, the person represented is recognised immediately. Our professional caricature artists make sure the most important features and characteristics are well represented and every little detail is thought of. The high quality of this caricature from a photo shows the excellent skills of our caricature artists.


BrosnanAs shown here our professional caricaturists are able to make unique caricatures from any photo. The high quality details on this image make you recognise mr. Brosnan immediately and as you see his features and characteristics are well represented. Without losing the personality of the person our caricaturists can transform a photo in a unique caricature.

Denise Richard

Denise RichardThis caricature from a photo shows how we are able to perfectly display the main features and personality of the person on the photo. The excellent details on this caricature make sure you immediately recognise the person displayed and her proportions and features are well represented. A unique and high quality caricature by our caricaturists.

Family caricature

Sweet Memories

Sweet MemoriesFamily caricatures can be a beautiful memory and this is a great example of it. This family has been illustrated wonderfully by our caricaturists, showing the personalities of each individual and making them a whole. The love and intimacy within the family is amazingly captured by our professional caricature artists and this caricature is one to show in a special place.

Family Ties

Family TiesThis family caricature is a wonderfull example of the excellent skills of our caricature artists. The details are amazing and the features of each individual in this family have been perfectly captured by our caricaturists. This family caricature will be something to look back at and to remember forever.


Motherhood The special bond between a mother and a child is unique and it has been perfectly illustrated in this family caricature by our caricaturists. The details are amazing and this illustration shows that caricatures aren't always merely comical. This beautiful image is a special one to keep forever as a wonderfull memory. A high quality and unique illustration by our caricaturists.

Sports caricature

Chris Hoy

Chris Hoy Proud as he is, this man has been perfectly captured by our professional caricature artists in this sport caricature. The illustration shows we can make clear sports caricatures without involving the actual sport. Any category is possible. The details and personal features have been wonderfully illustrated and the personality of this man has been well represented by our caricaturists.

Steve Redgrave

Steve Redgrave As shown here we can make caricatures of any sportsman. Our professional caricature artists are able to capture the person just right, showing their personality and dedication. This sport caricature is of high quality. The amazing details and coloring finish the illustration of our caricaturists. A unique and creative way to display your sport.

Don Bradman

Don BradmanAn amazing sport caricature which represents this man very well. Our professional caricature artists have captured this man's personality wonderfully, while the use of black and white make the illustration sophisticated. The high quality details and personal features make this illustration a creative work of art by our caricaturists.

Corporate caricature

Executive Secretary

Executive Secretary This corporate caricature shows how our caricature artists are able to make sure the illustration is not only comic, but also representable. By making sure the details are of high quality the person is captured perfectly and her personality shines in the image. Her main features are highlighted just right by our caricaturists.

Corporate Meeting

Corporate Meeting As shown on this corporate caricature we make sure the caricature is not over the top and can be presented as a work of art. Both persons are well represented as individuals. The amazing details and beautiful use of colors by our caricaturists makes the illustration sophisticated and classy, with a slight comic twist.

Young Executives

Young Executives This high quality corporate caricature has amazing details. Even though the persons are displayed as a group, they are very well represented as individuals by our caricaturists. Our professional caricature artists are able to make corporate caricatures that are comic and yet sophisticated, as is shown here.